Divorce And Family Mediation

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What is Mediation?

Divorce mediation is an opportunity to avoid the risks that come with placing the fate of your family in the hands of the court.  Mediation maintains the privacy of personal aspects of your marriage and family.  Most importantly, it saves you, your spouse, and your children from the cost of litigation. By engaging Jessica King, a Columbus-based mediator and divorce lawyer, parties cut down on the time and cost associated with traditional divorce.

Jessica helps the parties resolve issues related to custody, support, division of assets and liabilities, and other unique issues relative to each family’s case.

Jessica also assists with post-decree matters related to co-parenting, parenting time schedules and other family matters that may present themselves after a divorce or dissolution has been finalized.

Family going over a Prenuptial Agreement


The average cost of divorce in Ohio is $15,000 per person. A high conflict divorce can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. The average time for a divorce to work through the court system is 12 to 18+ months.

Let’s be real – divorce is ugly, massively inefficient, and incredibly expensive.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Before you lawyer up and rush to court, consider divorce mediation. The average cost of mediation at JGK Mediation is between $3,500-$5,000. That’s total – not per person! The amount of time to mediate with JGK Mediation is typically only 8 weeks from our first session until your case is filed.

Join hundreds of other smart clients who have followed Jessica King’s approach to divorce mediation. You will come out the other side with more money in your bank account and a better relationship with your ex (not to mention saving your children the trauma of a stressful, prolonged divorce case).

Read what these clients are saying about divorce mediation with Jessica. We service the entire State of Ohio. Learn more about Jessica and contact us today for a no-charge consultation.

All mediations are being conducted via Zoom from the comfort of the client’s home or other personal space. In-person mediation is available upon request.

Jessica King believes a successful mediation must include the following elements:

  • Thoughtful listening to the parties’ concerns
  • Effective and controlled communication
  • Awareness and acknowledgment of common ground and/or intention
  • Compassionate understanding of the parties’ personalities and emotions

Jessica has successfully guided hundreds of clients away from the expense and disruption of litigation and toward a win-win mediation result.

Please contact Ohio divorce attorney and mediator Jessica King to discuss settlement and mediation of your family law matter.  Contact jessica@jgklegal.com to set up an initial consultation.

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